3 Days Getaway

$385 USD 3 days 2 nights and private tour.

210 USD Shared boat (up to 6 Passangers)

* We don't guarantee that you will see nor get close to any particular animal. The gray whales are as unpredictable as most animals and our description of wildlife encounters is based only on years of experience as tour operators. Furthermore, the chances of seeing a whale or their calf, decreases after the season has reached its peak. Although, our captains will always do their best to provide you with a great experience.

   From that moment we move into the lagoon to a very close encounter with this cetacean, who are able to steal our breath just by seeing his enormuous body moving just below surface the clear water, characteristic of this lagoon. It is common of gray whales and their calves to swim up thru the water to reach surface and look at human visitors with curiosity, who can experience a great gesture of friendship, allowing them to almost lay their hand on the back of these giant mammal, who rarely flinch for it.

   A partir de ese momento esperamos tener un encuentro muy cercano con este cetáceo capaz de robar nuestro aliento con solo ver su enorme cuerpo moverse apenas por debajo del agua cristalina, característica de esta laguna. Es común que las ballenas y sus ballenatos saquen su cabeza del agua mirando curiosas a los visitantes terrestres, quienes pueden experimentar un gran gesto de amistad al poder casi posar su mano sobre el lomo de estas, quienes muy rara vez se inmutan por ello.

Sunset in Magdalena Bay from Hotel Villas Mar y Arena

The 3 days is a great option for a quick getaway or honeymoon in Magdalena Bay. With this package we offer you a better value for your next vacation.  

The price of $385 USD includes 2 nights and 3 days at one of the cabanas or hotel rooms near the water, most of them have a nice view of the bay, for 2 people with continental breakfast, a 3 hours private tour to watch the gray whales in the lagoon and all taxes. 

You will have the opportunity to enjoy and relax at the hotel the first night you arrive, after maybe a very long day between home and your final destination. *Then, on the next day, a very unique encounter with these giant water mammals (and who knows, the chances of seeing a newborn whale, too) will fulfill your wildlife adventure in Baja. 

After the tour, is very possible that the ocean breeze invites you to read or meditate. But, also the restaurant may tempt you to try the fresh seafood. And at night, as the day gets old, you will be captivated by the beautiful sunset.  

However you choose to spend your time in our hotel; it will always be a memorable moment.

visitors observe the sourrounding nature beauties as they head to the whale breeding area.

A whale breaches the water to reach surface infront of tourist.

This trip by the sea on boats is 26 feet approx. With outboard engine. The tour starts early in the morning, between 7am and 9am, departing from Pto. San Carlos to the bay where passengers are greeted by seagulls and pelicans that fly with squeals and morning grunts, also in the short distance  local fishermen say hello with a waiving hand.

Este viaje por el mar se hace en embarcaciones de 26 pies aprox. Con motor fuera de borda. El tour inicia temprano por la mañana, entre las 7 y 9am, saliendo desde Pto. San Carlos hacia la bahía donde los pasajeros son recibidos por gaviotas y pelicanos que revolotean con chillidos y gruñidos matutinos, también se reconocen en la corta distancia a pescadores locales que con un saludo de manos nos dan los buenos días.

3 Hrs Whale Watching Tour  

A couple of tourist observe the 40 tons whale pass under the boat.